1. Where the hell do you find these things?
I regularly go to a few websites, and when I find something rather cool, I put it up on one of these here sites so I can be sure that the image isn’t going to disappear or turn into mr. goatsie on me. 9/10 of the time I can give credit to where it’s due, and even hopefully help the original owner turn a profit on their merchandise (posters, t-shirts, games, etc, etc)

2. I have this sweet image / joke / limerick, how do I tell you about it?
Upload it! Under no circumstances should you e-mail it to me or try sending me an IM with a link to it. You will be ignored.

3. Is there RSS feeds?

Yes!  There are multiple feeds, you can find links to them from each website.

4. You have a copyrighted image that I demand you remove immediately.
All posts on the TWG have a “report this post” link.  Use the link to have the necessary portions automatically filled, then add your own information:

14.1 – your contact information including mailing address and phone number
14.2 – the name of the infringing image
14.3 – the url address of the copied image (in a clickable fashion please no PDFs.  all PDFs are automatically tagged as spam)
14.4 – a statement that you have a good faith belief that the material is not legally posted on MCS
14.5 – a statement that under penalty of perjury, you are is authorized to act for the copyright holder
14.6 – your signature (digital equivalent acceptable)

5. Can I advertise on your site?
Yes you can! TWG uses Project Wonderful and Google Adsense, along with our own custom RON banner ads and sponsored posts.  You can see all advertising opportunities for every TWG site on the main page. Because of the nature of internet advertising, we strongly suggest sponsored posts with your own unique content. Here’s a brief mini FAQ on advertising:

5.1 The TWG receives over 100,000 page views per day, on average.
5.2 RON ads are of three sizes: 160×600 Tower, 300×250 Box or 728×90 Banner. Each position is $10 per day, or $20 if you purchase all three. You must provide banner images and landing page url.
5.3 Sponsored posts will be posted to all sites that you select from the list of sites on www.tikiwebgroup.com for the same price, limited to 10 sites per paid post ($25 per sponsored post)

6.Reserved Space

7.Reserved Space

8. Reserved Space
I realize that the best publicity is from people in forums and other like place, so we’ve made it so that the image will show up, but with a nice lil watermark on the bottom saying where the file is hosted.
If you see an image elsewhere that has a watermark on it, you can find it here on this site WITHOUT the watermark, cause none of these are mine, I just found them on the net. Simply find the picture on TWG, and hit F5 a couple times for the original version.

9. Reserved Space

10.How can I contact you?

E-mail me at adam@tikiwebgroup.com

Instant message me :
AOL : tgiokdi
Gtalk : adam@tikiwebgroup.com

11. I want to promote a product / website on a TWG site

Contact me at the above methods, and we’ll work something out.

12. How do I set my avatar / picture on any of the TWG sites?
The TWG uses Gravatars for everyone’s use. The idea behind gravatars is that you can have one image represent you everywhere you go.
All you need to do:
1.) Sign up with them, using the same email address that you used here on the TWG.
2.) Upload an avatar to their servers.
3.) You are now done.

Through some coding magic, that avatar will now show up on all TWG Sites, and any other website that uses gravatars. You can trust the Gravatar people, due to the fact that they are also responsible for both wordpress and bbpress. Your e-mail address won’t be visible to anyone on the net, and you won’t get spammed. yay!