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Fix Firefox’s broken search boxes

FFS, they disabled this too, wtf is going on over there Mozilla?

I’m not a fan of how Firefox has changed the search boxes, I always set the search box first, then hit enter, but with this new way, if you select it first, it’ll search on whatever’s in the search box, then will reset the search selection. dumb and counter intuitive, and wastes my time by being unreliable on which engine it’s going to search with.

Here’s how to disable the new search bar:

1. Go into the config by typing the following in the address bar and then hitting return (click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” if a dialogue comes up mentioning anything about dragons, if not just continue):


2. Paste the following in the wide “Search”-field that appears:

3. The value should be “true” by default, double-click on it so it says “false”

4. Restart firefox, the search bar should now have gone back to normal.